Black Male Explorers Program

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

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  • 9th - 11th

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Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University 2015 The Black Male College Explorers Program is an at-risk prevention/intervention program designed specifically to prevent black males from dropping out of high school; facilitate their admission to college; and significantly increase their chances of earning a college degree. Middle and high schools from Tallahassee and major cities all over Florida are selected as participating schools. Participating schools are asked to identify at-risk males enrolled in grades 7 through 11.л_ A team of school and community leaders is required to provide supportive services for the student during the regular year.л_ FAMU provides six weeks of highly concentrated developmental experiences, which includes weekly seminars, workshops and motivational trips, during the summer. I AM A SONG OF KINGS. I STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE WITHOUT EXCUSE. I ALONE AM RESPONSIBLE FOR MY LEARNING. I CHOOSE TO BE SUCCESSFUL FOR MYSELF, FOR MY FAMILY AND FOR MY PEOPLE. I CHOOSE TO TAKE THE INITIATIVE TO MAKE PARADIGM SHIFTS THAT WILL ENHANCE MY LIFE. I CHOOSE TO EMPOWER MYSELF BY MAKING DECISIONS THAT REFLECT WISDOM, FOCUS, VISION AND SPIRITUALITY. I CHOOSE TO BE A RESPECTFUL, HUMAN CITIZEN, A COMMITTED LEARNER AND A SERIOUS TEST- TAKER. I WILL CONTINUE THE RICH LEGACY OF THOSE WHO HAVE GONE BEFORE ME.I CHOOSE TO STRIVE FOR THE APEX OF EXCELLENCE! MY QUEST IS MY PERSONAL BEST!

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Tallahassee, Florida


May 10 1989

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9th / 10th / 11th

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June 27 2019

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May 10 1989

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May 10 1989

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Personal Development and Leadership