Center for Talented Youth World Languages

Johns Hopkins University

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  • January 25 2016

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  • 9th - 12th

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CTYOnline offers gifted elementary, middle, and high school students courses in Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and English Language Development (ELD), featuring interactions with native speakers, small classroom sizes, and rich multimedia course materials. Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and ELD courses are open to verbal or math qualifiers. In each series, students access the real time, virtual classroom led by an instructor twice a week for one-hour sessions. The classroom includes audio and video interactions with live video of the instructor, interactive whiteboard, web tours, chat, quizzes, tests, discussion forums, and other features that enhance online learning. Using broadband internet access, students use their headsets or microphones and speakers to interact with instructors and classmates. In addition to the classes, students have two individualized conversation practices with instructors and teaching assistants each week, using telephone or voice over IP (Skype). These practice sessions emphasize everyday conversational speaking, role playing, and pronunciation. In addition, CTYOnline offers intersession Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish Reading courses. These short, engaging courses are designed to enhance the reading and comprehension skills of Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish readers. Each story presented in these courses has an interesting plot that will entice readers to not only understand the story, but also learn phrases and improve reading comprehension. Each story includes idioms and challenging phrases that allow readers to become accustomed to more advanced literary language, as well as familiarize readers with basic cultural knowledge. Students may select these courses at the appropriate level between their world language series courses to further development of language skills.

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Baltimore, Maryland


January 25 2016

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9th / 10th / 11th / 12th

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August 9 2017

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January 25 2016

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December 16 2016

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