NYU Classical Voice Intensive

New York University

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  • July 23 2017

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Classical Voice Intensive For those who are planning on staying on campus, students will have successfully registered for housing when they have completed the housing application and paid the housing deposit. *After paying the deposit(s), students are simply responsible for paying theл_remainingл_balance prior to the start of the program. While the remaining tuition may be posted immediately after deposits are made, the remaining housing bills are not sent until 2 weeks prior to the start of the program. All costs are charged to students eSuites (online student billing system and personal account) via the NYU Bursars Office. Instructions on making payment(s) are provided to accepted students by MPAP Summer Programs in communications sent to all enrolled students' personal and NYU email accounts.л_ For information about financial aid and scholarships, see theл_Financesл_page.

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New York, New York


July 23 2017

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August 9 2017

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July 23 2017

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