Prarie View A&M Summer Engineering Education Camp SEEC

Prairie View A&M University

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  • July 18 2017

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  • 9th - 10th

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Roy G. Perry College of Engineering This program will be run by a group of highly qualified faculty and student helpers.л_ Taking this into account no stone will be left unturned in ensuring that every student who participates in this program will receive every necessary attention to help him/her stay interesting and exciting.л_ Our curriculum and activities with the aid of technology will help maintain student interests, activities such as the Infinity project.л_ Through Infinity, students will learn how engineering plays a role in the subjects they use every day _СР music, the Internet, digital imaging, video and more.л_ In addition, tools like LEGO_Сйs mind storm robots and TI calculators that will help students develop as sense of critical thinking, reasoning and problem solving analysis.л_ Students will involve in building basic Lego race cars and competing in an organized onsite racing event for prizes.л_ Overall, the instructional topics of the camp will be Infinity Project Experiments, Basic Circuits, Engineering Ethics, Engineering Applications using TI calculator, Strategies for Succeeding College, Basic Civil Engineering and Solar Cell Vehicle Design. л_

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Prairie View, Texas


July 18 2017

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9th / 10th

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August 9 2017

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July 18 2017

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July 22 2017

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Technology, Engineering and Math