Global Issues at Princeton

Princeton University

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  • June 26 2016

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Global Issues at Princeton (Grades 10-12) Welcome to CTY's program at Princeton University_СУa three-week residential summer program for academically talented high school students, grades 10 and above.л_ As citizens living in theл_twenty-first century, weл_face numerous challenges and opportunities. In an increasingly interconnected world, choices we make locally have significant global implications. CTY's program for 10th through 12th graders focuses on key global issues in the twenty-first century. By bringing together academically talented students from all over the country to wrestle with major issues facing the world today, our summer programs are able to offer an unusual educational experience, one geared both to the students' high abilities and to their need for peers who share their academic abilities and their love of learning. Princeton University, a premier educational institution and the United States's fourth oldest college, offers an outstanding setting for our program. As you read through this catalog, you will learn more about what we have to offer and how our courses can help highly able students explore their potential to the fullest. If you have already experienced our summer programs, we welcome you back.

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Princeton, New Jersey


June 26 2016

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