Summer Math Program For High School Students: Honors Summer Math Camp

Texas State University

  • $3200

  • June 21 2020

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  • 11th - 12th

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Summer Math Program For High School Students The Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp (HSMC) is an intensive multi-summer program for high school students. The goal of the program is to develop talented students of all socioeconomic backgrounds through immersive and in-depth experiences in an unique learning environment. л_Students develop important skills for future degrees and careers in math, science, engineering, and many other fields. Students are taught by university faculty, mentored by undergraduate counselors, and share the joy of exploring mathematics with their peers. The HSMC tuition fee is $3,300 for students who can afford it, but this amount only covers 90% of the true per-student cost of conducting the program, which includes room and board, faculty and staff salaries, and program management. л_We rely on the generous support of alumni, parents, and other thoughtful donors to provide mathematical opportunities to all interested students. We have a 'rolling admission' policy whereby we go over applications in three rounds. Please carefully read over the timeline below. Within each round of decisions, we will notify applicants of either an accepted or declined status, or by default your application will be deferred to the next round. In other words, if you have submitted a complete application by a certain round and do not hear from us, then by default your application has been deferred to the next round.E.g., if you submit all your materials to us before March 15, but do not receive an e-mail notification by March 30 regarding being accepted or declined, then your application has been deferred to the third round of decisions. Below are some external funding opportunities for summer program participation support. л_These are not administered by Mathworks. л_Please contact the respective organizations for more information. Students who have gone through the HSMC's first-year program and are returningл_have the opportunity to conduct original math research projects in a team that can be submitted to various contests.л_ The Honors Summer Math Camp has a strong record of producing award-winning research projects.л_ In 2009, a team from the HSMC won first place at the national level of the Siemens Competition, sharing a $100,000 college scholarship. From 2001-2015, students' team entries have achieved the following in the Siemens Competition in Math, Science, and Technology: A full listing of HSMC research papers and results in the Siemens Competition is given here. Student projects have also received awards in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, as well as publications in scholarly journals. 1. Clothing: Warm weather clothing will be appropriate for most occasions. л_Central Texas is hot in the summer - the average daily high temperature is 95лЌF in the summer months! Warm weather clothingл_includes casual and sports wear, such as shorts, swimsuits, cut-offs, and sneakers or hiking shoes for the weekend field trips. Some people also enjoy wearing a sweater in air-conditioned buildings. Finally, an umbrella or other rain gear may prove helpful in the event of rain. Note: Please bring non-marking athletics shoes for use in the University's Student Recreation Center. л_Please also bring at least one set of formal/semi-formal wear. 2. Laundry: laundry machines are available in the Texas State University residence halls. л_Please use high-efficiency (HE) detergent.л_ 3. Rooms: We are staying in a dormitory on campus. Separate sides/floors of the dorm are provided for male and female students. The dorm is air-conditioned, complete with a lounge suitable for relaxing and small-group discussions, a small recreation area, and study rooms on the first floor. Camp counselors and students will be provided with access cards and room keys. There is a $50 charge for a lost key or access card. Students should bring their own ethernet cords for Internet access within dorm rooms. 5. Personal Items: Students should pack the following to the program Students might like to bring a laptop, guitar or other portable musical instrument, binoculars, camera, board games, playing cards, Frisbees, and tennis or racquetball gear. No skateboards or televisions are permitted. 6. Supervision: Fifteen to sixteen undergraduate mentors (camp counselors) will live in the dorm with the students. Camp counselors and faculty will be present at all of the program's activities. 7. Rules and Regulations: There will NO tobacco, alcohol, or drugs used by students while attending the Texas Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp. Prompt class attendance and proper behavior will be expected from all students. Students will be allowed to leave campus only with written parental approval in advance, specifying date, time, and destination. Mathworks personnel will supervise all students. Students are expected to follow all campus rules and regulations and to respect university property and facilities. Parents will be billed for any damage caused by their children's negligence. Students not following rules or not participating in classes will be sent home immediately after parents/guardians are notified of their impending arrival. 8. Medical Treatment: An excellent Student Health Center is located on the Texas State University campus should medical treatment be necessary. The Student Health Center is an in-network provider for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare.л_Should your child require attention beyond the scope of the Student Health Center, the Central Texas Medical Center is a brief 5-10 minute ride from campus. Students are responsible for the cost of treatment provided by the Student Health Center. Parents must sign the Medical History and Release Forms, which should be submitted with your other paperwork. Note: Mathworks does not provide any medical insurance.л_ 9. Religious Services: There are several churches near campus. If you wish for your child to attend services, please let us know and we can inform you of nearby churches. 10. Absences: л_Participants are required to attend for the full duration of the program and participate in all planned activities. л_We strongly discourage overnight absences, as this takes away from the experiences of doing mathematics with peers and faculty. л_Parents are welcome to visit for a day and take their student out to lunch or dinner, and we discourage longer absences.

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June 21 2020

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