Wonderworks: Moving Pictures

University of Houston

  • $1000

  • June 8 2020

  • May 1 2020

  • 9th - 12th

  • Yes


Moving Pictures can’t promise you a Hollywood ending, but it can help get you ready for your close-ups, tracking shots, story conferences, sound mixes, and final wraps. You’ll acquire an understanding of lighting, cinematography, production design, continuity, dramatic structure, location scouting, editing and a host of other concepts and skills essential to filmmaking. Before the credits roll on your very own class productions, you’ll be conversant with deep focus, montage, cinéma vérité, auteurs, neorealism, mcguffins, grips and gaffers. In addition to classroom instruction adapted from the UH introductory film curriculum, you’ll collaborate with other students in scripting, acting, filming and editing short narrative “features,” using video and digital technology. You’ll also become a more knowledgeable moviegoer—each day concludes with the screening of a narrative or documentary film of special interest, introduced and discussed by members of the UH and Rice faculties or curators from the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. All student productions are shown “out of competition” for an audience of parents and friends on the final afternoon of the workshop. The workshop presupposes no prior background in filmmaking—just an active interest. Even so, the instruction and projects are sufficiently challenging to engage students who may already have some experience in filmmaking.

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May 1 2020


Houston, Texas


June 8 2020

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9th / 10th / 11th / 11th / 12th / 12th

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December 10 2019

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June 8 2020

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July 10 2020

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May 1 2020


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