Wonderworks: Story Lines

University of Houston

  • $1000

  • June 8 2020

  • May 1 2020

  • 9th - 12th

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Storytelling is inextricably linked to our DNA, and happily so. For millennia, we’ve entertained ourselves with all kinds of tales that, however conveyed and consumed, retold and remixed, drawn from life or fantastically imagined, manage to work their magic in every corner of the globe. This summer you’ll dive, head, eyes and heart first, into some of the most captivating stories ever to appear in print or on film, all in the air-conditioned comfort of Wonderworks’ digitally enhanced story cave just a hop, skip and a jump from the University of Houston’s Creative Writing Program, which helps keep us supplied with well-read, well-watched literary sherpas, year in and year out. Each morning you’ll unpack the contents and meanings of a short story or two (or chapters from a novel) plus related commentary you’ve read – possibly even thrilled to – the night or weekend before, just like you would in a college seminar, only minus the anxiety of grades and papers. In the afternoons, you’ll give the same close attention to a film, thematically aligned with, though not necessarily adapted from, the readings in what amounts to a parallel “film studies” seminar (also anxiety-free). Most everything is taught from a writerly point of view, with an eye to what makes fiction work and resonate on page or screen. Once you get into the flow, you may wish to try your hand at creative writing with some helpful coaching on the side. But when all is said and done and read and watched, you’ll have more than a handful of new stories in the memory bank and perhaps a few of your own in the offing. For avid readers (who may or may not be aspiring writers or critics) only!

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May 1 2020


Houston, Texas


June 8 2020

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9th / 10th / 11th / 11th / 12th / 12th

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December 6 2019

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June 8 2020

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July 10 2020

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May 1 2020


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