Bryn Mawr College

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  • June 25 2017

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Do you want to explore and create mathematics? Then read on, for that's what MathILy-Er is all about! In MathILy-Er classes, instructors provide the framework and you get to make (and prove!) the conjectures. You will encounter new ideas, improve your problem-solving skills, learn lots and lots of advanced mathematics, and hone your overall thinking skills. You'll meet others like you. (Yes, really. We promise.) Most of all, you will find serious mathematics infused with levity. That phrase originates with the program MathILy. MathILy-Er is similar to MathILy, but is adapted for students who are slightly earlier in their chronology or mathematical development. MathILy-Er is five weeks of maximized mathematical marvelousness. Even if you're a master of mathematics, there is more to learn. And if you're not a master, we'll help you become one. Just want to have fun with math many hours each day? We can handle that with you, too. MathILy-Er is designed for students with an insatiable curiosity about mathematics, and who are creative and enthusiastic in their approaches to learning. We expect that participants will come from all over the United States and, perhaps, the world. Many summer mathematics experiences are organized on the principle that simply combining smart people with mathematics will result in learning and fun. This is a true principle---but why not do better? MathILy-Er promises a focused and individually tailored effort that elicits massive learning, enormous fun, and significant personal growth. Summer too packed? Check out our alter ego program, MathIGy.

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Bryn Mawr, Oregon


June 25 2017

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9th / 10th / 11th / 12th

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June 27 2019

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June 25 2017

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July 29 2017

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