Carleton Summer Language and Global Issues Institute

Carleton College

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  • December 16 2019

  • March 16 2020

  • 10th - 11th

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Our world is currently facing the largest refugee crisis since World War II. There are over four million refugees in the Middle East and Europe alone. Questions about the security and maintenance of borders—who can cross them and who should be prevented from doing so, who crosses them with papers and who without—is a subject hotly debated by our political candidates. The history of our world has been, and continues to be, shaped by migrations motivated by a wide range of factors (persecution, economic and professional opportunity, environmental circumstance, and political, colonial, missionary or military agendas). With every migration, a tangle of languages, cultures, religious and artistic traditions, technologies, political systems and philosophies also migrate, making the world a richer and ever more complicated place. We have devised the Summer Language and Global Issues Institute in order to explore and better understand some of the most significant and pressing issues we face as human beings in the 21st century. Attentive to how migrations and interactions between people shape the global past and present, we will employ experiential and critical inquiry approaches in the course. Students will engage in language immersion in French or Spanish and in the study of global migrations in order to reveal how language, culture, religion, history, economics, and politics converge, influencing population flows and transforming geographic and cultural landscapes. LGISI language classes are designed to increase student confidence in speaking. During the morning hours, when classes and activities are conducted entirely in the language of study (French or Spanish), students immerse themselves in the vocabulary and culture associated with the issues of migration and global studies. Classroom discussions revolve around newspaper articles, films, paintings, short stories and news programs in the target language. Culinary explorations, dance and music are also integrated into the language program to provide hands-on or real experiences that bring the content to life. The afternoon course on migration (taught in English) will introduce students to this complex theme through a mix of disciplinary perspectives and case studies. We approach the topic of migration through historical, literary, anthropological and cultural lenses. Using readings and outside guest speakers to structure discussions and projects, the professor draws on local resources, including an all-day field trip—with visits to ethnic markets, neighborhoods, cultural and religious centers—to explore the rich diversity and multi-cultural and multi-ethnic life of the Twin Cities and its environs. After three weeks students will emerge from our institute with an introduction to college-level work in areas of global studies, as well as increased proficiency in their chosen language. The entire staff of LGI is excited to welcome you to Carleton!

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March 16 2020


Northfield, Minnesota


December 16 2019

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December 6 2019

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December 16 2019

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