Young Scholars Program (YSP)

Northeastern University

  • June 22 2020

  • May 1 2020

  • 10th - 11th

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Young Scholars Program (YSP) - Center for STEM Education The Young Scholars Program offers future scientists and engineers a unique opportunity for hands-on experience while still in high school. The program is open to Boston area applicants who have completed either their sophomore or junior year in high school. л_Applications are closedл_for the 2015 Young Scholars Program _СР check back in January for the 2016 applications! л_(Click here for a pdf copy of the application for your reference) Laboratory research experiences.л_Work in research laboratories within Northeastern University_Сйs Colleges ofл_Arts and Sciencesл_andл_Engineering. Many assignments will work with faculty affiliated with the Bernard M. Gordon Center for Subsurface Sensing and Imaging Systemsл_(Gordon CenSSIS)л_the Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturingл_(CHN), and the newly formed ALERT center at Northeastern University. In 2014, students worked with faculty such as: Professor Brad Lehmanл_who is working to create solar panels that could effectively charge car and cell phone batteries in short time periods; Professor Carol Livermore, who is focusing on finding a way to make tissue fold on its own, to help support healthy organ growth; and Assistant Professor Raymond Fu, who is making a program that will predictл_when a video on a social media website is unsuitable for children. Career exploration.л_Participate in a special seminar series, Introduction to Engineering, with presentations by Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Mechanical, and Industrial Engineering professors and graduate students. Topics include radar, environmental issues, superconductivity, lasers, microwave materials, biotechnology, chemical analysis, and robotics. Education and career counseling.л_A general overview of engineering education for undergraduate students will be presented by the Dean_Сйs Office of the College of Engineering. The Department of Cooperative Education will acquaint students with the _СЙnuts and bolts_Сй of careers for scientists and engineers. And each Young Scholar participates in college and career counseling with the program_Сйs coordinators and mentors. Field tripsл_to a variety of corporate and government sites to see and speak with engineers in action. In 2014, students traveled toBiogen Idec, Northeastern University_Сйs Marine Science Center, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Systems Center. Experience college life.л_Young Scholars become acquainted with college life and students at various points in their academic careers, and have access to the University_Сйs Snell Library and Curry Student Center. Northeastern_Сйs dedication to encouraging industry-relevant experiences along with classroom education is the major thrust of the program. The University_Сйs outstanding facilities and staff, coupled with Northeastern_Сйs hands-on approach, provide a challenging opportunity.

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May 1 2020


Boston, Massachusetts


June 22 2020

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10th / 11th

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December 21 2019

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Summer Program

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June 22 2020

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July 30 2020

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May 1 2020


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