2016 Collegiate World Series (CWS) - International CWS

University of Tampa

  • $625

  • July 13 2016

  • December 20 2019

  • College freshman - College senior

  • No


Collegiate World Series The CWS is designed for students who not only wish to make informed choices about college, but who are ready to evaluate, analyze, and make conscious decisions about their life direction. This program builds success behaviors for students to excel in the college admission process and in college life, both academically and socially, while engaging students to reflect on the cultural, moral, social, and personal values that inform their identity and life goals.ะป_ The power of positioning as a foundational tool of leadership.

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One Jump

Application Deadline

December 20 2019


Tampa, Florida


July 13 2016

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Grade Levels

College freshman / College sophomore / College junior / College senior

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December 20 2019

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Start Date

July 13 2016

End Date

July 17 2016

Deadline Date

December 20 2019


No multiple sessions

College Fly-Ins (for high school seniors)