Foundation For Teaching Economics - Economics For Leaders Summer Program

Foundation For Teaching Economics

  • $600

  • June 29 2020

  • March 18 2020

  • 10th - 11th

  • Yes


Economics for Leaders (EFL) is a selective summer program that teaches leaders how to integrate economics into the process of decision-making in a hands-on, experiential environment. Programs are led by economics professors and leadership instructors selected for their expertise and teaching effectiveness. Morning discussions, activities, and interactive sessions introduce participants to the “economic way of thinking.” Afternoon sessions build an understanding of leadership and participants practice leadership skills in a fun-filled series of tasks and dilemmas. The goal of EFL is to give promising students the skills to be more effective leaders and to teach them how to employ economic analysis when considering difficult public policy choices. Given the existing challenges confronting our nation and, assuming that problems in years to come will be equally consequential, the job of preparing the next generation of leaders may be one of the most important actions we can take now to ensure our well being in the future. The Foundation for Teaching Economics is committed to finding and nurturing those budding leaders. Economics for Leaders is an unparalleled learning and growing opportunity. In 2016, 91% of students said they would recommend the program to their friends. The program is competitive with approximately two applicants applying for each available space. College admission officers have commented that students who attend selective programs, such as Economics for Leaders, make more competitive applicants.

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March 18 2020


Irving, Texas


June 29 2020

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10th / 11th

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December 23 2019

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Summer Program

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June 29 2020

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July 5 2020

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March 18 2020


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Humanities and Social Studies