Using Genetic Engineering and Fluorescence to See Inside Cells at UMass Amherst

  • January 1 2030

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  • 9th - 12th


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In this course, students will use genetic engineering to coax cells into showing us their inner workings. We will study up- and down-regulation of gene expression by growing bacteria engineered to fluoresce when they detect lactose, and we will ourselves engineer mammalian cells to show us what their cytoskeleton does during cell division. We will: grow bacteria containing a gene that will make a particular mammalian organelle glow extract the DNA from those bacteria grow mammalian cells in culture insert the bacterial DNA into those mammalian cells select only the cells that successfully incorporate the DNA make beautiful images of the transformed cells using fluorescence microscopy. Along the way we will try to answer such questions as: How do we see color? What is fluorescence? How does a microscope work? What is a gene? How are genes expressed? What is the difference between gene expression in bacteria and in mammalian cells? What is the inside of a cell like? How does the rate of cell division differ between mammalian and bacterial cells?

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